Famous London ice cream parlour closed after mouse droppings found

One of London’s best-known ice cream parlours previously lauded by such celebrity cooks as Nigella Lawson and Gizzi Erskine was closed down by health authorities after mouse droppings were found on the premises.

Gelupo Gelateria, Soho

Gelupo Gelateria, Soho Image by Ewan Munro / CC BY 2.0

Gelupo in Soho’s Archer St was forced to close its doors when Westminster Council Health inspectors found the rodent waste. The London Standard reports that the premises received a zero out of five rating in the nationwide Scores on the Doors scheme – requiring urgent and immediate improvements.

The report referred to mouse droppings being found in the pasta machine which is used to make fresh pasta. The droppings were also unearthed next to food packaging in cupboards both in the seating area and in the kitchen shelf beside pots used to store ice cream.

Gelupo charged £20 for a litre of ice cream and attracted rave reviews from reviewers when it opened in 2010. Nigella Lawson said at the time that its gelato was “glorious” and Gizzi Erskine labeled it “the best ice cream in London”. The premises itself had boasted that it had “the finest artisan gelato experience this side of the Alps”.

Gelupo confirmed that it had been closed following the visit by inspectors in November. A spokesman pointed out that since then the deli had received very positive feedback from Westminster Council. The authority, he added, had rechecked the premises and are completely satisfied with the new standards being upheld.

Gelup say the council will return next month to issue a new star rating. Pest control have been in the premises eight time since the issue flared up and are also satisfied with the results they found.

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