Ever wanted to own piece of Iceland? Half of a very famous lagoon is up for sale

Half of Iceland’s famous Jökulsárlón lagoon is up for sale.

Jökulsárlón lagoon, Iceland.

Jökulsárlón lagoon, Iceland. Image by jen robinson / CC BY 2.0

The lagoon is famous for its icebergs, which calve from Breiðamerkurjökull glacier and can spend up to five years in its icy waters before drifting out into the North Atlantic. Half of Jökulsárlón, in south-east Iceland, is owned by the Icelandic government, and the other half has been owned by a consortium of local landowners, but is now being offered for sale. Whoever buys the lagoon is likely to have tourism in mind – it’s one of Iceland’s most popular natural wonders.

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