Family travel snap: swimming in LEGO® in Denmark

For our family travel snap this month we chat to family travel blogger Karen Akpan who runs Black Kids Do Travel and Mom Trotter to learn all about visiting Denmark’s LEGO® House.

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What’s the story behind this photo?

We visited the LEGO® House during our stay in Billund, Denmark. The kids were so excited about all the fun LEGO® building stations in there but this room was their very favourite. As soon as we walked in, they took off their shoes and ran to go jump into the river. Naturally I wanted to join in on the fun so here I am with them, feeling like a little kid again myself. I loved playing with LEGO® when I was growing up and the fact that I could share this love with my kids made so happy.

We stayed in the LEGO® river for about an hour, doing some building, pretending to swim or simply throwing and catching bricks.

I chose this photo because while we loved the whole experience of the LEGO® House, this was the happiest part of it for me personally.

Kids’ perspective

The kids still talk about it today. They loved that every single thing, including the play structures outside, were made from LEGO® bricks. They also loved that there was such an amazing selection of bricks compared to what they have at home.

Karen’s tips for visiting the LEGO® House with kids:

1) Billund is a great city and there is lots to do with kids, but don’t scrimp on your time at the LEGO® House. Even after six hours of playing the kids were not ready to leave.

2) The restaurant is worth checking out for the LEGO®-shaped fries alone, but take your own snacks to save money and get you through the whole day.

Where’s next on your family travel bucket list?

We are going skiing in Utah next. The kids love snow and have been asking to take ski lessons for some time now, so I am making that wish come true.

Lastly, complete the sentence:

When we shut the front door ready to go and travel as a family, we always….

….make sure we have ‘all the kids’! It sounds crazy, but when traveling with kids six and under plus all our luggage, we have to make sure that we haven’t left anyone behind. So we check to make sure every kid and piece of luggage is accounted for when we shut the front door on our way out.

For more information on the fun things to do with kids in Billund check out Lego, Vikings and an underground bunker: family heaven around Billund, Denmark.

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