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This month we're getting off the beaten track in Yellowstone National Park with Bryanna from Crazy Family Adventure ( Bryanna and her husband Craig sold everything to travel full time with their four kids and two dogs on an RV adventure around the US.

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What’s the story behind this photo?

We took the kids on a hike to the top of Bunsen Peak in Yellowstone National Park. No easy feat since we hiked two miles up with an elevation gain of over 1200 feet! To celebrate making it to the top we all had a treat and then the kids struck their super hero poses before we started the much quicker and easier hike back down to our car. I choose this photo because I love how it shows the kids' personalities and also how proud they were of accomplishing this difficult hike.

After the hike we got in the car and headed to a short nature trail. It was a circular trail, less than a quarter of a mile in total. It was so surprisingly short compared to the Bunsen Peak hike that the kids wanted to do it again!

Kids' perspective

The kids remember all the switch-backs on the way up, the piles of snow we found as we got closer to the top and, of course, the treats!

Bryanna’s tips for visiting Yellowstone with kids

1) Be sure to get off the beaten path: yes, you want to see Old Faithful and all the other attractions but there is so much more to Yellowstone that you can only see if you get off the main road and go deeper into the park.

2) Even if you aren't a hiking family, do find a short hike (for example, Storm Point) - and go for it! Just don't forget your bear spray and make sure you keep your kids in sight at all times.

3) Take your bathing suit (and water shoes) to visit at least one of the multiple hot springs in the park.

4) Be wary of getting stuck in a buffalo traffic jam: always have food and drink with you.

Where’s next on your family travel bucket list?

Next we plan to head up the California coast to explore the amazing coastline then head inland to Yosemite and then back to the coast to explore the Redwoods. From there we will head into Oregon and Washington, then into Canada!
Lastly, complete the sentence:

When we shut the front door ready to go and travel as a family, we always make sure we have...

…our shoes. Seriously, our kids have had to hike barefoot before, after we drove for two hours to get to a trailhead without realising someone doesn't have their shoes on! They are used to running barefoot all the time so when they jump in the car they don't always remember to grab shoes.

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