Family travel snap: exploring Namibia

This month our Lonely Planet Pathfinder Jurga from shares her memories of exploring Namibia with her three young boys.

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Watching the sun go down in Namibia ©

What’s the story behind this photo?

This picture was taken in Southern Namibia during a sunset walk. A guide took our family for a steep climb up the hill that rewarded us with this magnificent view. We sat there on top of the world watching the setting sun paint the landscape in the most amazing colours. Even the kids were speechless for a moment!

I like this picture for several reasons: spectacular scenery, beautiful light and, most of all, the great memories that it brings back. Our little explorers climbed the mountain with an ease and determination that once again proved to us that you really can take your kids anywhere.

At first view Namibia might not look like the most family-friendly destination – you won't find many playgrounds or other attractions for kids and the swimming pools are freezing cold in July and August when many families travel. Yet it became one of our favourite family trips. There were so many opportunities for the kids to play, learn and explore, and we all came home with some incredible memories.

Kids’ perspective

The kids liked rock scrambling and watching the sun disappear on the horizon. But what they remember best is the sundowner drink of fizzy apple juice that they had on top of the mountain.

Jurga’s tips for visiting Namibia with kids

1) Just like with any other destination, my top tip for travelling families is to plan a variety of activities. Kids love new experiences and quickly tire of monotony.

2) Driving distances in Namibia are huge, so make sure you have something really nice to look forward to after the drive.

3) If you are getting your kids up before sunrise for Sossusvlei or the Fish River Canyon, make sure you pack layers and plenty of snacks. It’s colder at night than you might think.

Where’s next on your family travel bucket list?

We will be visiting Portugal and London in spring and Norway in summer. Portugal for the history, the food, and the friendly people. London for all the things a big metropolis has to offer. And Norway is probably closest to our hearts because there really is nothing better than a family road trip through some of the world’s most amazing landscapes.

Lastly, complete the sentence:

When we shut the front door ready to go and travel as a family, we always make sure we have...

…a reusable water bottle, comfortable shoes and a camera.

A reusable water bottle because it’s environmentally friendly and you can take it anywhere. Comfortable shoes because walking is our favourite way to explore a new place. And a camera for the memories.

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