Family holiday saved by honest taxi driver

When a 27-year-old father of two absentmindedly left his wallet – containing €14,000 in cash and all of his family's travel documents – on the roof of his car, he thought their holiday in Germany was over.

Honest taxi driver returns lost wallet.

Honest taxi driver returns lost wallet. Image by Alessandro Prada / CC BY-SA 2.0

But thanks to the honesty of a local taxi driver, the family's trip was saved. The 27-year-old Chinese man reported the missing wallet to a police station in Frankfurt's Sachsenhausen district but, as luck would have it, a taxi driver had turned up at the same time to hand in the wallet, which he had found at the side of the Autobahn. The lucky family continued on their way to visit a friend in Frankfurt after rewarding the taxi driver with €500. Read more:

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