Spanish omelette record fail costs Vitoria €50k

The local government of Vitoria, the capital of Spain’s Basque Country, has decided to pay out for the city’s botched attempt to break the record for the world’s largest Spanish omelette, after more than a year of deliberation.

Vitoria, Spain.

Vitoria, Spain. Image by Pablo / CC BY 2.0

The pay-out has been hotly debated since it was discovered that the city went ahead with the major event despite knowing that the target weight of 4000kg would fall way short of the current record. Japan is the world-record holder at present, where a Spanish omelette weighing 11036kg was once cooked. Vitoria’s massive tortilla also wasn’t prepared as a single omelette, and instead was pieced together from smaller tortillas; a method of preparation that is not in accordance with the Guinness Book of World Records’ guidelines. Read more: