Even Oscars have to go through airport security

Any laptop, ipads, an Oscar perhaps in your bag?  Oscar statues it seems are not exempt from security checks at airports.

Ládzló Nemes, winner of the Academy Award for best foreign language film posted a photo to Facebook of his statue sitting in a plastic tray waiting to go through the security scanner as he returned to his native Hungary.

No exception for Oscars at airport security

No exception for Oscars at airport security Image by Nemes Jeles László Facebook

“Airport security, no exceptions,” he posted alongside the photo of his statue.  His statue will join the Golden Globe he already won at the awards season for his movie Son of Saul.

Meanwhile, Qantas honoured Australia’s Academy Award winners on their return trip by renaming the flight Oscar One.

The movie Mad Max: Fury Road scooped six awards on Sunday night, and all but one of the winners flew to Sydney from LAX on board the renamed flight on Tuesday evening.

Each Oscar was given their own boarding pass with the printed name OSCAR/MR.  A large golden statue was printed on the boarding pass next to First Class.

Tom Hardy in Mad Max: Fury Road

Tom Hardy in Mad Max: Fury Road

However, in keeping with aircraft security, the statues were required to be placed in the overhead lockers for take off and landing.

The movie  starring Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy took home the most awards on Sunday night.


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