Eurocamp competition: and the winner is…

As part of our partnership with Eurocamp we recently asked our young explorers to tell us about an adventure they had over the school holidays.

The winner was Oscar Prior, aged 7, who wrote about his trip to Iceland and included an amazing hand-drawn map. Oscar wins a Eurocamp holiday for his whole family as well as a bundle of our Lonely Planet Kids books. Well done Oscar! And keep up the cartography...

Here's Oscar's winning entry.

Iceland - Oscar's winning picture

I visited Iceland with my family. It's 1216 miles from my house and three hours on an aeroplane.

Visiting Strokkur Geyser was the most exciting thing for me. I laughed so much, the wind caught the water and soaked me and everyone there.

I swam in the Blue Lagoon hot spring, the water was warm like a bath and deep enough to swim.

I saw my first waterfall called Selfoss, it was noisy and made me wet from the spray, it was so funny.

I travelled past Helka volcano, I learnt that it's an active volcano but LUCKILY it didn't erupt that day.

I visited Pingvellir national park where North American and Eurasian plates meet, I enjoyed running to America and back to Europe again, very cool!! It's really amazing walking on and off two continents.

I stayed in colourful Reykjavik. I boarded the Odin defence ship and pretended to steer it and then we went off for fish and chips in the harbour, very tasty! The whale museum there is really cool too.

I had an amazing time being outside in Iceland, I will be back for more adventures. I can't wait.

Thanks to all who entered the competition!

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