Escaped tiger mauls man in Tbilisi

Escaped white tiger mauls man in Tbilisi.

Escaped white tiger mauls man in Tbilisi. Image by Michael Gwyther-Jones / CC BY 2.0

A white tiger that had escaped from Tbilisi Zoo following floods in the Georgian capital has been shot and killed after it mauled a man to death. The incident happened at a storehouse - where the animal may have been sheltering - not far from the zoo. The men were trying to clear the building when the animal attacked them. Several of the workers managed to escape but one man was pronounced dead upon arrival at the Republican Hospital in Tbilisi. The tiger was shot by police officers shortly after. Government officials have said that the public are not in any further danger following this attack, but a spokesperson from the zoo said that a tiger, a hyena and a bear are yet to be accounted for. Read more:

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