Easyjet announce expansion of Belfast to London service

Low-budget airline EasyJet is expanding its services on all of its Belfast to London routes with a jobs spin-off of up to 100 aviation-related posts.

EasyJet introduces new services to Switzerland. Image by RHL Images / CC BY-SA 2.0

EasyJet introduces new services to Belfast International Airport. Image by RHL Images / CC BY-SA 2.0

The airline is to increase its seat capacity for sale by 125,000 on its Gatwick, London, Luton and Stansted routes.

The Irish Times report that this will increase the total number of seats to half a million seats by next February.

EastJet says it also plans to increase seat capacity on its Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool routes.

The managing director of Belfast International Airport (BIA), Graham Keddie said the decision by the airline was of enormous importance to the development of the airport.

“Increasing the number of seats by close to a third will mean significant increases in airport activity. We are well equipped to handle such a tremendous increase which will bring benefits not only to South Antrim but Northern Ireland generally."

Mr Keddie stressed that aside from creating more jobs, the expansion would provide an economic boost for the region.

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