Dublin seeks greater share of lucrative cruise liner market

Dublin is planning to lure more high-spending cruise liner passengers into Ireland.

Dublin want to increase its share of the lucrative cruise line business

Dublin is looking to increase its share of the lucrative cruise line business Image by Andrew Smith     / CC BY 2.0

The Irish capital hopes to get on the leisure map by becoming the main port of choice for cruises sailing to the country.

Cruise ships are becoming the prime method of transport for Jidhadists to Iraq and Syria.

Dublin Port is seeking to get on the leisure map and hopes to become the gateway into Ireland for cruise ships. Image by Lyn Gateley / CC BY 2.0

The port wants to give greater priority to cruise tourism after reporting record results of freight business last year.


The cruise sector through Dublin Port has grown by 20% over the past year Image by ReflectedSerendipity / CC BY-SA 2.0

The Irish Independent reports that Dublin Port claims the cruise sector is growing by 20% on an annual basis.

Pat Ward, the head of corporate services at Dublin Port Company, said their plan was to promote the city as a premium destination for cruise companies.

Businesses in Dublin will be asked to design tourist packages to meet the needs of passengers on such cruises.

Officials from Cruise Dublin are in Florida at the Seatrade Cruise Global Conference promoting the port to travel agents, cruise lines and suppliers.

Eamonn O'Reilly, the chief executive of Dublin Port Company said a major challenge facing this marketing campaign was the fact that there was still a shortage of five-star hotels in the city.

Mr O’Reilly stated that an opportunity was now presenting itself but it needs the port, the agencies and businesses to all work together if anything major was to be achieved.

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