Delta flies just two passengers in plane to New York after long delay

Delta plane

Delta plane Image by Bernal Saborio / CC BY 2.0

Who says airport delays can’t have a silver lining?

Hours of waiting on a New York-bound Delta flight from Cleveland led to two patient passengers getting the full plane to themselves, reports the New York Daily News.

And not unexpectedly, one of the duo, Chris O’Leary, who is editor of the beer news site Brew York, couldn’t resist tweeting a smiling selfie from the empty 76-seat plane yesterday afternoon.

He explained: “They rebooked everyone but me on another flight to LaGuardia Airport, so I am literally the only person on this plane.”

He wasn't quite correct on that score as just as the crew were getting ready for take off, they reconnected the jet bridge to allow a second passenger onto the flight.”

But, reports ABS, the other person slept during the journey and the two occupants didn't talk.

O’Leary recalled that he left the airport for several hours due to multiple delays on his flight home. Somewhat surprisingly when he got back later in the day, all of his would-be passengers were already rescheduled on an earlier flight.

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