‘Dangerously’ cold weather front rolling into US

Unseasonal heavy snow in Chicago.

Temperatures set to plummet across US. Image by Edward Stojakovic / CC BY 2.0

Much of the US will experience what meteorologists are saying will be ‘dangerously’ cold arctic air to rival last year’s ‘polar vortex’ this week, with temperatures in some areas down as low as -17° C (0°F). The frigid air will affect nearly all areas east of the Rocky Mountains with temperatures 10 to 35 degrees below average for the season. The first areas to be affected will be the Great Plains and Lakes region on Monday, with the freezing air then moving to the Midwest and eastern regions from Tuesday to Thursday. With wind chill, the temperature could feel as low as -40°C (-45°F) in some areas. Read more: usatoday.com

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