Crowdfunding campaign for sit-on carry-on luggage launched

Sit-on carry-on luggage for children has long been the envy of adults on the move, as they wishfully gaze at children sitting comfortably on their ladybird and flower shaped bags.

Ad on Indiegogo for Jurni the sit-on carry-on luggage for young adults

Ad on Indiegogo for Jurni the sit-on carry-on luggage for young adults Image by Jurni

Trunki, the maker of the extremely popular ride-on suitcase for kids, made an April Fool's joke in the past that had some tangible repercussions. It posted on Facebook about a joke Trunki for adults. After the post was widely shared and liked, the company wondered if it had just hit upon something. After carrying out its own research it found in fact there was a gap in the market, and that adults would in fact like to have sit-on luggage to aid with those overcrowded airport lounges or seat-less bus stops.

Jurni is Trunki's answer to adult's wish for sit-on luggage, but for now the concept is being sold as a follow-on suitcase for  young adults who grew up with Trunki. The CEO of Trunki Rob Law launched the concept on Indiegogo and it has already raised $28,000 - $30,000 already, and the project is likely to hit its target.

Trunki will be familiar to some as the pitch that was thrown out by the UK's BBC2's Dragons’ Den programme, after panellist Richard Farleigh offered Law $152,816 for a 50% stake in the company, an offer which Law rejected.

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