Couple plead to find phone with New York marriage proposal on it

New York City

New York City Image by Mark Ittleman / CC BY 2.0

An English couple came home from the perfect romantic holiday in New York, including a successful marriage proposal, to find they had lost the phone they used to document the whole trip.

IT consultant Alex Matthews (28) couldn’t believe that the treasure trove of photos and videos he had painstakingly taken had been left behind in the US, in his phone.

Alex and his fiancée, Emma Brown, 29, have made a desperate appeal for the phone that they believe they left behind on their return flight from Newark to Birmingham, the Daily Mail reports.

Alex had spent months planning the surprise trip for Emma, who is a research assistant. He worked behind the scenes to bring her family and friends into the secret before revealing the romantic trip

The happy couple visited famous sites including Times Square but it wasn't until they were standing on Brooklyn Bridge that Alex asked her to be his wife - which she accepted.

They had arrived on the UA27 Newark- Birmingham and still think the device could be between their seats 23b and 23a. Now, months later, they are making one last desperate appeal to anyone who might have come across it.

The couple have posted their plea on the UK's biggest online lost and found site which has reunited people with hundreds of items every month.

The lost phone is a Samsung Galaxy S4 mini in pebble blue. Such is Emma and Alex's hope it will be found they have kept the phone contract going.

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