Couple coyly return to pay dinner bill after Facebook shaming

Couple confess to not paying bill.

Couple confess to not paying bill. Image by Lars Plougmann / CC BY-SA 2.0

A couple working in Western Australia were outed as the diners who left a local restaurant without paying their bill, for a AU$230 four course meal with alcohol, after a Facebook post went viral. The tourists working in WA on the Australian working holiday visa and were identified by their boss on a local farm. The man fired them and told them to go back and make amends to the proprietors of Mojo's Restaurant in the city of Bunbury, 175 kilometres south of Perth. The couple has now settled their bill and were forgiven by the manager, Jake Atkin, for their poor judgement. Mr Atkin was just touched by the community spirit that helped find the ‘dine and dash’ couple. Read more:

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