Bandit-themed moustache cream angers India

British cosmetic firm Lush has provoked outrage in India by releasing a range of India-themed beauty products, including a moustache cream inspired by the bandit and sandalwood smuggler Veerappan.

Lush cosmetics.

Lush cosmetics. Image by Andrea Tornabene / CC BY 2.0

Famed for his enormous moustache, the bandit chief killed hundreds of people and almost 1000 elephants during a 40-year-long reign of terror in Tamil Nadu. Veerappan became a folk hero for Tamil nationalists for acting against the central government. He was finally hunted down and killed by government forces in 2004. The makers of Smugglers Soul, which has a picture of Veerappan on the tin, claim that the brand was created to highlight the illegal trade in ingredients for beauty products, but Indian officials say that the hair cream glories the bandit leader. Read more: 

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