Copyright legal dispute over Anne Frank’s diary

Anne Frank’s diary was set to enter the public domain in Europe on 1 Jan 2016 but now a legal dispute has arisen over the copyright.

Anne Frank's diary.

Anne Frank's diary. Image by Rodrigo Galindez / CC BY 2.0

The Anne Frank Foundation is planning to publish a new edition of the diary in 2016 as it believes copyright expires in January 2016, 70 years after the death of the author. The Foundation manages the secret annex in Amsterdam where Anne and her family lived during WWII. However the Basel-based Anne Frank Fund, which was set up by her father Otto Frank and owns the copyright, believes he should be considered a co-author as he edited the diaries after the war. As Otto Frank didn’t die until 1980, this would mean the copyright could be extended until 2050. Read more: 

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