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Keep your plants alive when you go on holiday by checking them into this 'plant hotel'

Millennial travel brand Contiki is offering peace of mind for its green-fingered travellers embarking on holiday this summer by launching a new plant-sitting service.

Travel News - Contiki plant service
Contiki is now offering a seasonal plant-sitting service for its customers. Image by Contiki

Like anxious parents or pet owners, that all-important question of how our plants will survive while we're on holidays is enough to make us rethink our plans. Almost. Heaven forbid we consign them to the bathtub for two weeks and hope for the best. So what can we do? Well, if you live in or near London you're in luck. Travel brand Contiki will put your mind at ease by taking care of your beloved plants while you're away.

Travel News - Contiki plant service
Customers can check their plants into Contiki's Basement in London. Image by Contiki

Plant parents can check their plants into Contiki's Basement in Russell Square, London before they embark on their adventure. The seasonal service will run until 29 August and is available to Contiki customers travelling on a trip that's longer than 10 days. It's extended to house plants no taller than one metre and there's a limit of two plants per person, so think carefully about which ones are your favourite. You'll also need to make the Contiki team aware of any special requirements for your plants.

Travel News - Contiki Cares
The plants will be watered and any special requirements will be taken care of by the Contiki team. Image by Contiki

The Contiki team warns that they're better at creating holidays than they are at taking care of plants but they do promise that if your plant doesn't survive your absence, they'll replace it with a brand new one for you to cherish. And any plants not collected (how could you forget them?) on the date of the trip’s return will be adopted by a plant-loving Contiki team member. 

Donna Jeavons, sales and marketing director for Contiki UK and Europe, said: "At Contiki, we aim to make holidays stress-free so that our millennial travellers can relax and focus on exploring the world. We take care of all the essentials on-trip so it was a natural next step to take the pre-trip hassle out of finding a plant sitter!"