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The most exclusive place in Disney World is finally opening for tours

For Disney fanatics, the theme park is truly the happiest place on earth. But for years, one place has remained inaccessible; the ultra-exclusive Cinderella Castle Suite. Now for the first time, it is opening for tours to the public...if you have thousands of dollars to spare.

Travel News - cinderella castle suite
Only a handful of people have ever seen the inside the suite. Photo by Disney

The Cinderella Castle Suite is the culmination of every Disney fan’s dreams come true. Originally imagined as an apartment for Walt Disney and his family inside Walt Disney World, it remained mainly unfurnished until 2005 when it became a suite fit for a princess.

Full of exquisite details the park is known for, it has ornate fireplaces, stained glass windows and a twinkling ceiling. It’s the only place in the Magic Kingdom where you can stay overnight but it remains a pipe dream for many.

Travel News - vip tour disney world cinderella
The decor is fit for a princess. Photo by Disney

Access to the suite is strictly by invitation-only and previously has only been accessible to occasional competition winners and A-list celebrities. For 14 years, money simply couldn’t buy you entrance to the rooms but that’s about to change with a new tour geared towards the super-rich.

A new VIP package tour called ‘World of Dreams’ is being launched and includes an option to tour the ultra-exclusive Castle Suite. The full package lasts 12 hours and, in addition to the tour, you’ll get three meals, access to any restaurant without reservations, get to the front of the line of all attractions, transportation, backstage access and your own exclusive space to watch the nighttime spectaculars, all with two tour guides to personalise the experience. The cost? US$12,000 (€10,500) a day for up to six people, with the option of adding additional days at US$10,000 (€8800).

Travel News - cinderella bathtub
The opulent bath tub is considered the highlight of the stay. Photo by Disney

As for staying there, that’s still something you can’t buy...yet. For now, you can reserve your World of Dreams tour by contacting the reservations team on +1 (407) 560-4033.