Chinese dating show spreads romance from Nanjing to Australia

Heard the ones about the Chinese dating show that is winning hearts all the way to Australia? Well it’s true.

The original image of cleavage from the China drama and the re-edited version

Various Chinese programs have been finding popularity in different countries around the world with the'If You Are The One' a big hit in Australia  Image by Press Association

The program ‘If You Are The One’ has an audience of 30 million at home and a big Chinese ex-pat following throughout the world.

But in Australia it has developed a cult following and is subtitled in English as 220,000 tune in for the weekly escapades under the baton of host, Meng Fei.

Australian viewers have made the Chinese program 'If You re The One' a niche hit with 220,000 viewers every week

Australian viewers have made the Chinese-made  program 'If You re The One' a niche hit with 220,000 viewers every week Image by James Cridland / CC BY 2.0

Australians into the show are so enthused that there is a group on Twitter who interact as the show is aired. The Wellington Times reports  Nanjing-based Meng as finding it a “big surprise” that Australian locals like watching in so much.

Ironically the show originated in Australia under a program name called “Take Me Out’, but it failed to hit the right spot with viewers nine years ago.

Since then it has been produced successfully in over 20 countries around the world and the format where 24 women return to the show each night to focus on male candidates who appear individually and try to get a date through a mixture of pre-recorded videos and live banter.

Surprisingly, the chemistry not only works within China but travels across borders. So much so that this week an Australian special has been shot concentrating on Australian Mandarin speakers in pursuit of Cupid’s arrow.

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