Chinese authorities release official 2015 holiday schedule

Rare Chinese coins found in Komering River, South Sumatra.

Chinese holiday schedule announced. Image by Philip Jägenstedt / CC BY 2.0

The arrangements for the 2015 holiday schedule were released by Chinese authorities on Tuesday. Since China operates on a lunar calendar, its holiday dates change from year to year. The official holiday schedule for 2015 is as follows:

Lunar New Year: January 1-3

Spring Festival: February 18-24

Tomb-sweeping Festival: April 4-6

Labor Day: May 1-3

Dragon Boat Festival: June 20-22

Mid-Autumn Festival: September 27

National Day: October 1-7

Official holidays are days when Chinese workers have time off and often travel domestically or return home to their families, resulting in overcrowded transport lines and sold out tickets. Read more:

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