China cracks down on striptease acts at funerals

Chinese governmental officials have launched a crackdown on lewd shows including stripteases at funerals which have recently become popular in many rural areas across the country.

 A funeral in the Baiyun region of China

A funeral in the Baiyun region of China. Image by Abdul Rahman / CC BY 2.0

Tighter controls are being implemented by the Ministry for Culture at this relatively new phenomenon,which has come about because rural people view a large attendance at a funeral as a badge of honour for the person who has died.

With a paucity of genuine cultural events in the more rustic parts of China, these other show displays have been used to attract people thereby displaying a family’s prosperity, the Huffington Post reported.

Funerals in such areas of China are one of very few occasions when migrant workers are allowed to return to their home village from industrial centres to attend the burial of family and friends.

In the past families used traditional opera or  a film screening to attract crowds to a family funeral but these have waned in popularity.

However their replacements – strip shows and sex performances – have drawn severe criticism. In one case, the Ministry of Culture made reference to six strippers performing at a funeral in the province of Hebei which is in the north of the country, while they also cited a lewd show in the eastern province of Jiangsu.

In future, anyone who is judged to be responsible for performing vulgar acts in such a public way will be punished, the ministry pledged. It added that the displays disrupted local entertainment and had a corrupting effect on social mores.

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