Grateful Dead fans descend on Chicago for last ever concerts

Hotels are booked out and restaurants and bars are starting to fill up in Chicago as thousands of Grateful Dead fans descend on the city for the iconic American rock band’s last ever concerts.

Soldier Field, Chicago.

Soldier Field, Chicago. Image by JohnPickenPhoto / CC BY 2.0

The city will already be feeling festive for the fourth of July celebrations, but on the nights of the third, fourth and fifth of July the Deads will play to 70,000 lucky fans a night at the Soldier Field arena. The Windy City is busy preparing for the onslaught of Deadheads, as fans of the band are known, with the mayor, Rahm Emanuel, promising an ‘all hands-on-deck approach’ to security and law enforcement in the city. The city is hoping for a summer bonanza in terms of business revenue with hotels, taxi drivers, restaurants, bars and parking lots all looking to profit from a weekend of Grateful Dead celebration. Read more:

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