Cheers as Guinness heads up New York St Patrick’s Day parade again

Guinness is the toast of the New York St Patrick Day’s parade this year after the Irish stout maker announced it was returning as sponsor to the occasion.

Guinness back at the helm in New York Parade for St Patrick's Day

Guinness back at the helm in New York Parade for St Patrick's Day Image by James Martin / CC BY 2.0

The company withdrew support last year after the parade officials refused to allow an LGBT group take part.

The Irish Times reports that the parade down Fifth Avenue also suffered a major double-blow last year when New York Mayor, Bill de Blasio also withdrew, citing the same reason.

Guinness received kudos for their stance which has now shifted following the decision by organisers to include participation by an inclusive gay and straight group.

The drinks giant said they were “delighted to resume” sponsorship of the flagship St Patrick’s Day parade in the US.

While acknowledging that there was work still to be done, Guinness said they were pleased that the parade organisers had moved to allow representation for the LGBT community. That group OUT@NBCUniversal doesn’t have ties with the New York Irish community, but is affiliated to the TV network which broadcasts the parade.

Guinness stressed that the parade was an important way for them to celebrate with millions of New Yorkers on St Patrick’s Day and to support the Irish community. Talks have been continuing between the parade organisers and the Mayor’s office to see if he will attend, but no decision has been made yet.

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