Cheers as cheapest cities in which to buy a bottle of beer revealed

The price of the humble bottle of beer is often a good, if unofficial tourist barometer to a good holiday – and if that is the case, then maybe more people will head east rather than west.

Bottles of beer vary in price around the cities of the world but are generally cheapest in eastern Europe

Bottles of beer vary in price around the cities of the world that are tourists destinations but are generally cheapest in eastern Europe. Image by Yusuke Kawasaki / CC BY 2.0

A recent survey on popular travel destinations has found that Kiev in Ukraine and Krakow in Poland – with an average cost of €1.51 - are the two cheapest cities in the world to buy beer.

And another of the East European destinations, Bratislava in Slovakia came in third when it comes to getting value for money in ordering a beer.

Malaga in Spain was next in line with Delhi and Ho Chi Minh City prices squeezing them both into the top six.

The Irish Independent reported that a number of Asian cities including Manila, Bangkok and Bali were also good value for money when it came to quenching a holiday thirst, with the average bottle in Manila costing the buyer €2.84.

The research, by found the place to avoid in terms of price was Geneva in Switzerland where denizens and visitors had to hand over almost a tenner (€9.83) on average for a beer.

While not quite matching that level of cost, a number of major destinations, including Oslo, Hong Kong, Tel Aviv and New York also had prices which ensured you wouldn’t wake up with a sore head the next day.

Among cities found to be on the cheaper side for a beer were Mexico City, Santiago, Belgrade, Sofia, Budapest and Seville.

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