Cheeky seagulls swoop to steal children’s lollipops in Dublin


Seagull. Image by Rodney Campbell / CC BY 2.0

Dive-bombing seagulls carrying out regular attacks on children “to steal their lollipops” in Dublin are in the cross-hairs of authorities over their behaviour.

The colony of birds have also been causing problems around Ireland's Department of Health HQ close to the city centre, forcing the authorities to call in a professional pest control company.

They are now seeking a specialist company to rid them of the air-raiders. An advertisement calls for a “deterrent system or process” to eliminate their presence from the roof areas of the department at Hawkins House, Dublin.

This is not just an overnight problem, reports the Irish Independent. A Senator had previously called for action last summer, stating that the birds “had lost the run of themselves”.

Senator Ned O’Sullivan said their raucous” behavior, including stealing off children, had become a major annoyance in parts of the capital.

“I saw they were getting so cheeky that they were attacking young children, and dispossessing them of their lollipops, and stuff like that.

“It might be funny to many people, but it’s a serious issue in Dublin.”

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