Sound of silence: first ever quiet hotel awards

Sometimes while travelling, getting a good night’s sleep in a quiet room trumps all other concerns. Now, the first-ever Global Quiet Hotel Awards have been handed out for 2015 in an effort to celebrate those places where guests can relax in silence.

Hotel Regina in Paris won an award for being a quiet hotel.

Hotel Regina in Paris won an award for being a quiet hotel. Image by Daniel Stockman / CC BY-SA 2.0

Hotel Regina Paris, a luxury hotel close to the Louvre, was given the Quiet Hotel Award for 2015.

The awards were presented by Quiet Hotel Room, an initiative from a Dutch sound insulation company. Hotels that want to have their rooms carry the label can have the company test their rooms. The group also runs a website,, where travellers can search for hotels designated as quiet. All the hotels considered for the awards are designated quiet room hotels.

The awards were selected based on criteria that included their occupancy, number of rooms with a quiet room label, design and build for sound insulation, and client reviews on social media.

The Quiet City Hotel Award was given to Swissotel Amsterdam, a four-star hotel that has a high performance in sound insulation despite being in a noisy location with high occupancy.

The Quiet Airport Hotel Award was given to the Hilton Paris Orly Airport hotel, which gets an honourable mention for staying quiet despite its proximity to one of France’s busiest airports.

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