Camino de Santiago to be patrolled by police on horseback

Spain’s most famous walk, the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage trail, is set to be guarded by mounted police after a series of incidents and one disappearance have called into question the safety of the trekking route.

The Camino de Santiago.

The Camino de Santiago. Image by aherrero / CC BY 2.0

The police on horseback are intended to help patrol rural areas of the route where police cars can’t reach. Earlier this year an American walker went missing in the town of Astorga while walking the Camino Frances route alone. Since then, other pilgrims have reported incidents of harassment. Walkers, who ultimately end up in Santiago de Compostela on Spain’s far northwestern coast, have been warned not to walk the section of the trail where the American went missing, but the official caution has done little to deter people. Last year more than 235,000 completed the walk and this year is expected to be record breaking. The five mounted police allocated to the task will patrol up to 18-mile stretches each day. Read more:

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