BuzzFeed falls foul of Swedish expert over surströmming tasting

A YouTube video in which employees of the website BuzzFeed are fed the pungent Swedish delicacy surströmming has sparked a minor furore in Sweden, with one surströmming aficionado saying that the clip is an 'insult to Swedish culture'.

Sweden's pungent delicacy of fermented herring.

Sweden's pungent delicacy of fermented herring. Image by erik forsberg / CC BY 2.0

While many thought the video of the nauseated testers was funny, surströmming expert Ruben Madsen expressed outrage at the way the fermented herring was served up to the US BuzzFeed team and is demanding an apology. Meanwhile the testers used some colourful language to describe the dish, with one noting that it "smells like regret". Read more:

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