Bust of Hitler discovered buried in garden at Gdańsk museum

A marble bust of Adolf Hitler, carved by one of the official sculptors of the Third Reich, has been found at the National Museum in Gdańsk .

Gdańsk, Poland.

Gdańsk, Poland. Image by Stephanie Holland / CC BY-SA 2.0

The sculpture had been buried in the museum's interior garden and was clearly inscribed with 'Thorak 1942', referring to the piece's creator, Salzburg-born Josef Thorak. Lech Łopuski, a curator from the museum, said it was difficult to say exactly when the bust was hidden, but one theory is that it was buried in 1945, shortly before the Germans left Gdańsk when faced with the advancing Soviet army. While the piece will be added to the museum's inventory, Łopuski said it was more likely to go on display at The Museum of World War Two, which is due to open in the city in the next few years. Read more: thenews.pl

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