Oslo airport introduces special security line for traditional costume-wearers

Two women in traditional Norwegian Bunad dress.

Two women in traditional Norwegian Bunad dress. Image by Sigmund / CC BY 2.0

celebrates its national day on 17 May and, in a bid to prevent delays for other passengers, officials at Oslo's Gardermoen airport have once again introduced a dedicated line through security for Norwegians wearing or carrying their national dress, known as a bunad. The garments are so valuable (often costing NOK 50,000 or more) that many people are reluctant to put them in the hold in case their luggage goes missing. However, the myriad pieces of gold and silver jewellery worn with the bunad sets off airport security scanners, and causes long delays for others in line. The system was set up last year to great success, and will be reintroduced for passengers travelling over the weekend. Read more: thenewsinenglish.no

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