Brooklyn steals the laughs with one-third of NY Comedy Festival acts

Where’s the place to go to attend a New York Comedy Festival event? Answer: Brooklyn. Okay, so as a joke, that doesn’t work so well, but as a statement of fact it’s increasingly the case.

Brooklyn Bridge, New York.

Brooklyn Bridge, New York. Image by Firoz Ansari / CC BY 2.0

In recent years, more and more festival acts, which opened yesterday and runs until Sunday, have taken place across the Brooklyn Bridge. While the marquee performers – this year, Bill Burr, Trevor Noah and Bill Maher – continue to command mid-town Manhattan’s marquee venues (think Madison Square Garden and Town Hall), one-third of this year’s shows will take place more intimate venues across the East River – venues like Union Hall and Bell House.

It’s a reflection of Brooklyn’s rise over the past decade or two as the hub of New York’s youth culture. But as Brooklyn rent begin to edge out the youth demographic the festival is courting, in future years the festival will venture even further afield. A Variety report quotes festival founder Caroline Hirsch tipping that it is set to follow younger New Yorkers to emerging neighbourhoods such as Long Island City and Astoria.

Other highlights of this year’s festival include Judd Apatow and Friends, Margaret Cho, Norm Macdonald, Patton Oswalt, Sarah Silverman and the chance to hear late-night talk show writers talk about plying their trade.

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