Bronx gets an F grade in New York online dating poll

On-line dating

On-line dating Image by DON HANKINS / CC BY 2.0

A new app called The Grade has just completed a survey on how New Yorkers fare with online dating – borough by borough across the Big Apple.

And the results make grim reading for Bronx dwellers which the app claims has the city's worst online daters

The iPhone app granted the borough a meagre F following analysis of data from 750,000 user interactions from 4,000 users since its November launch.

Neighbouring Brooklyn managed to scrape a C+ in the ratings, the New York Daily News reports.

So who was sitting with a Cheshire grin at the top of the class?

Step forward Manhattanites, who secured a gild-edged 'A' rating in the polls.

Others to poll respectably were Queens residents who returned a B- and Staten Islanders who registered a middle of the road grade C.

Both Bronx and Brooklyn were marked down on the exercise because too many of their messages included inappropriate language or slang, explained the app’s designer, Cliff Lerner.

He claimed that his app keeps users more honest than other popular services like Tinder and Hinge.

He forecast that the next big thing in dating apps was accountability. “Women, you gotta respond to guys; and guys, you’re responsible for your messaging,” he said.


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