British love to eavesdrop when travelling - survey

Britain is a nation of eavesdroppers – especially when travelling on public transport, a new survey has revealed. A staggering 84% of those surveyed listen into other people's conversations according to the latest research by mobile phone operator O2.

Eavesdropping happens a lot on public transport

Eavesdropping happens a lot on public transport. Image by Tom Page / CC BY 2.0

The London Independent reports that the findings show that many people unwittingly disclose their personal details to hundreds of people.

No fewer than 74% of those listening to conversations proceed to relay them to friends while 40% pass on the eavesdropped details via Facebook and Twitter.

It is not all bad news as O2 found that six in every 100 people actually like having their calls overheard. However, the surprising thing is that most people are unaware that they are giving away their most intimate details, from saying how much they earn to what is going on in their office to actually revealing medical results from doctor visits.

It’s not just gossip stuff as one in three talk away about important business deals, while one in six will go blow by blow on relationship break-ups.

Just over a third of us are apparently willing to reveal details of an important business deal, 17% talk about relationship break-ups, and 13% of overheard conversations are about other intimate details of our personal lives.

While it might be expected that teenagers are the worst to talk out loud when on mobile phones, the surprise was that business people were next in line followed by those with a little too much to drink.

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