Bright pink geyser erupts into Icelandic conservation row

The Strokkur geyser.

The Strokkur geyser. Image by adam w / CC BY 2.0

An artist who dyed the Strokkur geyser pink has reportedly left the country under threats of a fine and a jail sentence. Denmark-based Marco Evaristti put red fruit dye into the Strokkur geyser at dawn on 24 April. When the hot spring boiled, pink steam erupted from the ground. Evaristti did not seek permission, and claims that the dye is temporary and would cause no damage. Early reports suggested that the Icelandic authorities would pursue a jail sentence, but a fine of Ikr100,000 now looks likely to be levied. Increased visitor numbers have put a strain on Iceland’s infrastructure and environment, with measures including a Nature Pass being considered to generate conservation revenue. Read more:

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