How to get a free trip on the world’s first craft beer flight

There are plenty of cities where travellers can hop from brewery to brewery, sampling craft beers along the way. But a new one-time trip will let travellers try new brews at 35,000-feet as they make their way between the UK and US on board a craft beer flight.

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Take a craft beer flight to the US. Image by BrewDog

BrewDog, a Scottish craft brewer, is launching what it’s calling the “world’s first craft beer airline”. The Aberdeenshire-based brewery recently opened a craft beer hotel at its US headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. Created after a large crowdfunding campaign, the DogHouse made headlines for offering guests in-room taps and even a beer fridge in the shower.

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Take a craft beer flight to the US. Image by BrewDog

Now, the new trip in February 2019 will allow UK travellers to hop on board a chartered flight that will take them between London and Columbus, with plenty of in-flight beer experiences. Passengers will get to take part in a beer tasting experience and sample a limited-edition BrewDog beer that has been specifically brewed to adapt to the reduction of taste and smell sensitivity in high altitudes. Instead of the regular old in-flight menu, there will be a food and beer pairing menu and there will a range of beers you can sample during the flight. There will also be BrewDog amenities like eye masks and blankets.

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Take a craft beer flight to the US. Image by BrewDog

The trip includes a four-night stay in Columbus, exploring BrewDog’s state-of-the-art brewery, a visit to the DogHouse Hotel and BrewDog’s dedicated beer museum. As the beer hotel has only 32 rooms, guests will not be staying there, but have the option to pay more for a night in the hotel. They will also get to tour Columbus’ bars and breweries and take a day trip to famous beer mecca of Cincinnati for more brewery tours.

Tickets are available to what the company calls “Equity Punks” – or patrons who have invested in company shares (two shares for £47.50) to receive a number of special benefits. But, there’s also a prize draw for five lucky winners, each with a plus one, who will win places on the trip via social media. If that seems the better route, check out BrewDog’s FacebookTwitter and Instagram to get a chance to win.