Brazil’s top culinary destination draws foodies for annual gourmet festival

Brazil’s city of Petrópolis, celebrated for being one of the country’s top culinary destinations, welcomes food lovers to town on Friday for the fifteen-year anniversary of the Petrópolis Gourmet food festival.

Petropolis, Brazil.

Petropolis, Brazil. Image by elle / CC BY-SA 2.0

The event will run until 29 November, with approximately sixty restaurants participating in the Circuito Gastronômico (Gastronomic Circuit) and offering menus that include a main course and dessert with a base entrance fee. Fare will feature ingredients from local gourmet kitchens, including edible flowers, snails, beer, and a variety of cheeses. In addition to the food, festival goers can enjoy street markets in the city parks with free outdoor workshops and meet-and-greets with chefs who will prepare dishes for tasting in public spaces. Read more:

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