Brand's café on London housing estate to employ recovering addicts

Despite the proliferation of pop-up cafés in London over the past year, comedian and film star Russell Brand is opening his own in an east London council estate on Thursday.

Comedian Russell Brand

Comedian Russell Brand Image by Eva Rinaldi / CC BY 2.0

And it will be a café with a difference as he plans, where possible, to have it entirely staffed by recovering drug addicts. His ‘Trew Era Café’ – named after his YouTube channel, will be trading on the New Era housing estate where the comedian previously  joined residents in a campaign to save them from eviction.

The Evening Standard reports that the café will be run as a social enterprise, receiving whatever profits come from the star’s new book ‘Revolution.’ Last year, the 38-year-old Essex born comedian said he wasn’t printing the book to make more money but to divert them to a social need. He added that he was committed to funding the café which would employ recovering addicts.

The café used Twitter to send a light-hearted message welcoming those on “abstinence based recovery and nutters and revolutionaries”. Trew Era Café address is at 30 Whitmore Road, N1 5RS.

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