Bono and Keywest aid Dublin man's hill-top proposal

Killiney, Dublin

Killiney, Dublin Image by William Murphy / CC BY 2.0

Dublin man Cliff Henry spotted Keywest playing on the city’s famed Grafton Street last October and decided to ask the group to help him in proposing to his long-term girlfriend, Fiona O’Hehir.

The band agreed and arranged to stage the elaborate proposal at Killiney Hill on the outskirts of the city on her 30th birthday later that month.

This thrill for Cliff was augmented when another musical giant, U2’s Bono, also recorded a video message for the couple. The Irish Independent on-line site reports that the suitor described the video message from Bono and Ali as “very thoughtful and meaningful”.

The man behind the elaborate proposal admitted that he became very nervous beforehand because there was other people around visiting the hill.

But the good news is there was a happy ending. “She said yes - eventually,” he revealed. “If you watch the video, you can see that I actually ask her again - because she just stood there looking at me with her hands over her mouth for about 30 seconds.”

Fiona understood that the band was there to record a new music video and was shocked when they dedicated her favourite song to “Fiona and Cliff” before Cliff dropped to one knee and asked her to marry him.

Henry told that he just wanted to “thank the band so much for the time and effort they put into helping me - and to Bono and Ali for the message. It means a lot”.

He also disclosed that he would invite both parties to their wedding.

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