Boeing shrinks aircraft toilet space to fit in 14 more seats

Boeing has revealed that it is about to fit more seats in their plane cabins at the expense of toilet space. The company says it can add another 14 seats to their popular twin-engine jetliner by reducing the areas currently taken up on ‘spend-a-penny’ space.

You have the right to remain upright. Image by Christopher Doyle / CC BY-SA 2.0

More seats in new plane designs. Image by Christopher Doyle / CC BY-SA 2.0 Image by Christopher Doyle / CC BY-SA 2.0

The MailOnline reports that the Boeing 777-300ER model appeal to potential buyers will be increased significantly by the prospect of added revenue through having extra seats to sell on to passengers.

Space-saving measures will also be undertaken in other areas, including overhead lockers, of the 777X model while the plane’s weight will be reduced by over half a ton.

An ANA Boeing 747-400D.

An ANA Boeing 747-400D. Image by Takeshi Kuboki / CC BY 2.0

Already airline reaction to the proposed changes has been very positive, Elizabeth Lund, 777 general manager said at a Boeing briefing in advance of the Paris Air Show later this month.

Putting more people on planes has been prominent on airlines’ lists as they go shopping for new aircraft. In May, it was announced by easyJet that they would be able to accommodate an extra six passengers – or an entire new row - on its Airbus A320 plane. Bringing passenger numbers to 186 was done by using previously unused space at the back, as well as moving a toilet, the company claimed. A spokeswoman assured the market that the space between seats would not be compromised in the process.

In 2013, Delta Airlines installed on-board toilets that were more cramped than the 3x3-foot-dimension toilets traditionally fitted on planes. This alteration allowed Delta to increase its seat capacity by four.

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