Biscuit crisis averted in Australia after stand-off

A looming interruption to Tim Tam supplies has been averted after a ten day stand-off between the popular Australian biscuit manufacturer, Arnotts, and Australia’s biggest grocery retailer, Coles.

Arnotts' Tim Tams.

Arnotts' Tim Tams. Image by Andy Melton / CC BY-SA 2.0

Arnotts raised wholesale prices for some of its biscuit lines including Tim Tams so Coles refused to stock them.  Eventually a compromise was found with higher prices for 44 of the 54 biscuit lines. However, some biscuit varieties will no longer be supplied by Coles. Shoppers wanting Royal Dark Tim Tams, plus the Adriano Zumbo range in Coconut Cream, Choc Raspberry and Salted Caramel; and the Chocolicious multipacks in Dark, Caramel and Original will need to shop elsewhere. Naturally Australians turned to Twitter to comment on the Tim Tam price war. Read more:

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