American Airlines plane in JFK bird strike incident

A flock of birds hit a plane just taking off out of John F. Kennedy Airport this morning, forcing the pilot to return to land.

American Airline plane

American Airlines plane Image by Aero Icarus / CC BY 2.0

The bird strike occurred shortly before 9.0am just as the American Airlines Flight 1320 was taking off for the U.S. Virgin Islands.

CBS New York said the website Live recorded the pilot declaring an emergency as he sought permission to return to the airport.

Other flights also reported birds in the area at the time of the incident. The pilot of a JetBlue flight said he had just passed another flock at 2000 feet off the shoreline.

The American Airline plane had 134 people on board and according to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), landed safely back at the airport and the passengers were being transferred to another plane.

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