Billionaire to fund new public park in Manhattan

Pier 54 to be replaced by park.

Pier 54 to be replaced by public park. Image by Ralph Hockens / CC BY 2.0

The billionaire and husband of Diane von Furstenberg, Barry Diller, has agreed to donate $130 million to fund a new public park in New York that will be built on a platform over the Hudson River. The park will replace the current Pier 54 and will consist of 2.4 acres of public space including three performance venues, an amphitheater and woodland areas. An additional $39.5 in funds will come from the city, the state, and the Hudson River Park Trust. The proposal has been approved by the New York Governor and Mayor Bill de Blasio and is expected to be officially announced on Monday. Diller was one of the main financial sponsors of the High Line project. Read more:

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