Best family travel blogs: November 2018

This month’s family travel round-up has the kids up front and centre. We've got children learning about art in Florence; the best hikes to do with kids in Joshua Tree National Park; surviving Disneyland in the rain; tips on how to cruise with a toddler; and a trip to Greece created solely around a child’s love of a fictional mythical character.  

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Epidavros, known to Percy Jackson fans as the Sanctuary of Asclepius © Dawn Nicholson

If you have pre-teens in your family, chances are you’re well acquainted with Percy Jackson and his friends. Maybe you are already planning a trip to Greece to explore some of the sites brought so convincingly to life in Rick Riordan’s popular novels. If so, Dawn’s post is essential reading for both the practical information and the many reasons for the whole family to get excited about following in Percy’s footsteps.

Canadian Dawn is currently based in Melbourne and shares her family's travelling adventures at

To cruise or not to cruise? It's a topic that divides opinion, and throwing a toddler into the mix makes the discussion even more interesting. Here Leona provides plenty of food for thought in terms of whether cruising with your toddler is the right thing for your family. If you decide to go for it, there are pragmatic suggestions for making your time on board a success.

Leona blogs at where she is on a mission to show how you can travel the world in luxury with a tot in tow.

Kids Blog - Joshua Tree National Park, Mojave Desert, California
Ready to get hiking? Joshua Tree National Park in the Mojave Desert © sborisov / Getty Images

For families who love to be out and about in nature, this comprehensive post covers everything you need to know about taking your little ones hiking in this fascinating national park. Nadine includes plenty of practical information (such as the fact there is no cellphone reception) as well as four specific walks you can do with the kids.

Expat Nadine loves to discover offbeat places you won't find in your first Google search. Read more at

Disneyland in the rain - Marcie Cheung

There’s no shortage of family travel blogs with advice on visiting Disney in all its guises but it’s a bit more unusual to see one where the focus is on the impact the weather can have on your time here. Marcie provides hard-earned advice on turning a rather wet day into one which still makes the most of everything Disney has to offer.

Marcie blogs at where she shares tips and tricks from her travels with her two boys.

For anyone who might think of Florence as being a city more naturally suited to adults keen to indulge their cultural sensibilities, Karen’s post covering her three daughters’ response to the family guide booked for their afternoon at the Uffizi will make you think again. 

Karen’s blog is designed for parents of children of all ages looking for ideas for holidays and day trips.

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