Best family travel blogs: May 2018

Two kids with body boards on the beach in Goa, India © Jenny Lynn
Making the most of those Goan beaches with the kids © Jenny Lynn

This month’s round-up includes an inspiring post on getting children involved with volunteering when you travel, as well as useful tips on both hiking with kids and taking tweens and teens on a Caribbean cruise. And just to make sure your wanderlust is piqued we’ve got posts on exploring Uluru and the best Goan beaches, all with kids in tow obviously...

For anyone who travelled extensively as a young adult before the kids came along, Goa has a semi-mythical status as a place to party, relax and explore. It’s not somewhere you necessarily associate with kids so it’s great to have that preconception turned on its head with these recommendations from family travel bloggers.

Jason and Jenny love to travel and believe that having young children shouldn’t change that. Follow their adventures at

The Book Bus is committed to changing lives ‘one book at a time’ and offers children with limited access to books a chance to read together and explore a library. Karen’s post provides a lovely insight into how easy it was for her children to get involved and how much they all enjoyed their time with the Book Bus. It’s a reminder of how important it is to give something back when we travel.

Karen's blog is designed for parents of children of all ages looking for ideas for holidays and day trips.

Kids Blog - may-round-up
Uluru is a hit with Dawn's kids © Dawn Nicholson

Exploring Uluru with kids - Dawn Nicholson

The idea of taking children to any major world site can be pretty daunting and Uluru, with the distances and heat involved, has plenty to put families off. Dawn’s post is packed with ideas for how to explore both the physical and cultural landscapes of this incredible area without exhausting everyone.

Canadian Dawn is currently based in Melbourne and shares her family’s travelling adventures at

We don’t often read about travelling with teens or tweens so it’s refreshing to see a family travel blogger providing lots of good tips for how to engage older kids on a cruise. From handling kids clubs and budgeting for excursions and activities to considering use of wifi, beverage packages and rooms with balconies, this post is packed with practical suggestions.

Kimberly shares her family travel experiences and recommendations at

Tips for hiking with kids - Ariana Svenson

If you once enjoyed the challenge of long treks then adjusting to hiking with kids can be hard, especially around four to eight years old when they are usually too heavy to be carried yet too small to walk too far. Here Ariana has helpful tips for getting the family out on those trails, an investment which pays dividends when the kids are older and start to share your love of the great outdoors.

Ariana believes that with kids even a short excursion is an adventure. Explore more at

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