Best family travel blogs: July 2018

Two kids enjoying the boardwalks of the Plitvice Lakes © Celine Brewer
Enjoying the boardwalks of the Plitvice Lakes © Celine Brewer

It’s the northern hemisphere's summer and our family travel Pathfinders are busy travelling while the sun shines. This month’s round-up covers Croatia’s famous Plitvice Lakes with kids, the best castles in the UK for families and an active family vacation in Trentino, Italy. We’ve also got gem fossicking in Queensland and ways for kids of all ages to have fun in Los Angeles.

At Lonely Planet Kids we’re fans of helping families to make the most of busy tourist sites. Step forward Celine, with her advice for the world-famous Plitvice Lakes – and some envy-inducing pictures of her kids loving the boardwalks.

Celine shares her passion for travel and exploring the great outdoors as a family at

A summer vacation in Trentino, Italy –Jurga Van Steenbergen

We all know Italy is a popular place to visit whether you have kids or not, so it’s always helpful to hear of areas which may fly slightly under the main tourist radar. Jurga’s post covers Trentino's many kid-friendly activities and is essential reading for any adventure-loving families considering a trip to Italy.

Jurga’s goal is simple: to help family travellers make the most of every trip. Follow her blog at

Cardiff Castle, UK © Billy Stock / Shutterstock
Cardiff Castle, UK © Billy Stock / Shutterstock

Castles are fascinating places to visit as family. They bring history to life in a way few other attractions can and partly because they offer unusual spaces to explore, keeping even the most restless kids occupied. In this updated post Clare has added more castles and provided more detail on what makes each castle so family-friendly.

Clare blogs at where she aims to inspire travellers to slow down and take time to appreciate and enjoy a place.

Gem fossicking in Queensland – Jessica Palmer

Digging for gems is fun for all ages but especially if you have children who love collecting rocks. Here, Jessica opens our eyes to a pastime which turns out to be not only fun and educational but also a lovely way to bond as a family as you work together on your collective treasure hunt.

Jessica believes travelling with kids opens their hearts and minds, teaching them tolerance. Follow her blog at

This post is packed with ideas for different ways to get to know Los Angeles, whatever ages your kids are. Each recommendation comes with practical details, relevant photos and plenty of information to help your family work out if it's something they would like to visit (or not!).

Hilary loves travel, fashion and exploring the world with her two sons in tow. Follow her blog at

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