Beer-swilling pet pig banned from drinking at her local London pub!

A pet pig has been banned from the booze after enjoying her beer-swilling and ale-stealing moments as well as headbutting other patrons at their London local.

A Vietnamese pot-bellied pig

A Vietnamese pot-bellied pig Image by Jean / CC BY 2.0

Frances Bacon, the Vietnamese pot-belly pig, resides with her owners at the Conquering Hero pub, in the south of the city’s West Norwood district. Landlords Ian and Victoria Ross have put their human patrons on a warning to be vigilant where they leave their pints or indeed food unattended because they said their pushy swine will make short work of them, and they want to stop her bad eating and drinking habits.

The Evening Standard reports that the four-year-old pet, which has the freedom of the pub,  has a history of slurping the dregs and stealing patron’s shopping if the opportunity arises. Ms Bacon is a familiar and affectionate sight for pub regulars who have often felt her gentle headbutts to their legs looking for treats. Joint landlord Ms Ross said their pig will drink beer if she comes across it. She explained that the regulars had seen her grow up but new patrons are wary of her.

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