Bear wakes hunter in Idaho by gnawing on his head

A hunter camping in the Idaho wilderness awoke to something tugging on his hair. Then he heard the deep breathing of a black bear.

Black bear.

Black bear. Image by Todd Ryburn / CC BY 2.0

When Stephen Vouch realized the bear was biting his head, he jumped and yelled, startling the bear and rousing his hunting partner. The commotion trapped the bear and the hunters in the tarp they were sleeping under. A handgun went off, injuring the bear, which then scrambled away into a nearby tree. Vouch, uninjured aside from minor scratches, shot and killed the bear. Fish and Game officials estimate the bear was between 3 to 7 years old and around 250 pounds. Jon Rachel, a spokesperson for the agency, said they aren’t sure why the bear wandered into the encampment, because the hunters had stored their food properly. He noted that the bear was likely just curious – if it thought the hunter was a source of food the attack would’ve been much more vicious. Read more:

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